Gwent Public Services Board

13:00pm Thursday 30th June 2022

as a Teams Online Meeting






Welcome, Appointment of New Chair


Kath Peters, Caerphilly CBC

13:00 13:05





PSB Business





Introductions and Apologies



13:05 13:10





Notes and Matters Arising from the meeting of the Gwent PSB on Thur 10th March 2022



13:10 13:15


Agreement of the minutes



Well-being Plan development - Response Analysis update

PSB to agree outline objectives to take forward work to develop the Gwent Well-being Plan



Heather Delonnette, Caerphilly CBC

13:15 13:35


Agreement of the objectives and associated timeline



Shared Prosperity Fund

Verbal update on proposals and timeline


Ellie Fry, Blaenau Gwent CBC

13:35 13:45


Note and take a regional view on proposals



Update on Gwent: Marmot Region

Update on plans plus approval of Marmot Programme Leadership Group proposal


Dr Sarah Aitken, ABUHB

13:45 14:05


Receive update and approve a leadership group



Update on the response to humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Gwent Humanitarian Leadership Group verbal update


Superintendent Mike Richards, Gwent Police

14:05 14:20


To note



Developing a Regional Scrutiny

Progress towards a Regional Scrutiny Committee for the PSB


Sarah King, Blaenau Gwent CBC

14:20 14:35


Note progress and agree a way forward



Participatory Budgeting



Will Beer, PHW

14:35 14:50


Note allocated funding and approach



PSB Terms of Reference

Re-agree as part of mandatory meeting and agree revisions that reflect values and openness


Kathryn Peters, CCBC

14:50 14:55


Agree revised terms of reference



AOB- Format of future meetings

Hybrid and in person meetings


Christina Harrhy, Caerphilly CBC

14:55 15:00


For discussion and Agreement



Information Items and Other Business








Date of Next Meeting and close:

Tuesday 29th September 2022 @ 13:00pm via MS Teams/hybrid/in person (depending on item discussion)

Draft Agenda Items:

       Well-being Plan sign off for consultation

       Ukraine Humanitarian Response- if required

       Marmot Region update

       Recommendations of the Community Safety Governance Review