Date: 29h SEPTEMBER 2022



1.      PURPOSE:


This paper aims to give an update on progress in relation to the task set by the Gwent PSB to undertake a comprehensive review of Community Safety across the region.

The recommendations agreed by the PSB were:

       The need for a comprehensive governance review of community safety & VAWDASV in Gwent

       Confirm the Gwent Community Safety Board (Safer Gwent) as the existing forum to take forward this work

       Nominate a strategic advocate to lead the development of a future scoping paper to come back to PSB




At the Gwent PSB development session held in December 2021, the board were presented with an overview of the statutory duties and amending legislation in relations to the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, Substance Misuse (Wales) Regulations 2007 and the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015.


During the development session the various policy and legislative drivers were explored, which highlighted the complexity of the crowded partnership landscape across the Gwent. It was apparent that the absence of a cohesive and systemic approach to community safety across the region, was impacting the ability of operational leads to be truly effective.


The Board was in full agreement that a comprehensive review should be undertaken, and that the emphasis on prevention, localism, and better outcomes for the citizens across Gwent should be the presiding features.



3.      PROGRESS


A working group consisting of representatives from the statutory partners organisations under the Crime & Disorder act, Welsh Government and Wales Safer Communities Network (WLGA) has been meeting regularly to progress work in-line with the review and the agreed terms of reference.


The set of questions agreed by the PSB has formed the scope for the review. The questions encompassed various areas which were highlighted as challenges in the PSB development session. The working group have been exploring in more detail the factors that are contributing to complexity of the landscape, the barriers to effective delivery, the lack of shared outcomes and solid collaboration through joint planning.

A Gwent wide workshop of multi-agency partners was held in June; this highlighted some of the complexity of this agenda and has helped inform the working group of the steps required to progress the review effectively.

The working group is now in the process of establishing a framework, timeline and workplan focussing on the three key areas below, with the aim of specifically addressing the challenges under these headings. Dedicated officer resource has been required for the working groups to explore each of these themes in more detail.

1.       Governance Review:


       Is the Gwent PSB meeting its statutory duties?

       Where do we need to be? What is the vision?

       Do we consider strategic alignment of policy, programme, and legislative drivers? does this follow through into planning?

       What new duties/legislation needs to be considered?

       How are local, regional and accountability to WG managed concurrently?

       Do we have appropriate mechanisms to escalate demand and address gaps in provision?

       Governance arrangements and line of sight to local democratic accountability?


2.       Data/Evidence/Commissioning Review:


       Are we evidence led? Do we use data effectively?

       What are the key themes/trends?

       What resources are needed to address issues effectively?

       How intelligence led is our commissioning?

       Do we have the right capacity in the right areas?

       What resources exist across the region? How effectively are they utilised?


3.       Wellbeing and Community Review:


       What does it mean for wellbeing in communities?

       How well are we supporting citizens? (victims/perpetrators/community)

       How effective is our prevention and early intervention?

       How does the voice of our citizens influence our systems and practice?

       Is Gwent a safe place to live and work? How do we know?


4.       NEXT STEPS


The working group aims to undertake the following in the next period:


       Develop the framework and timeline with actions aligned to the three key areas

       Consult with the chairs of the regional boards to understand policy drivers and alignment to CSPs; (APB, VAWDASV, Gwent Criminal Justice, Safeguarding Board, CONTEST, Gwent ASB Board, YOS LMBs) discussions to include:

-          Governance & accountability

-          Strategy & delivery (prevention and early intervention)

-          Data & commissioning

-          Resources & support

-          Service users/Public engagement


       Consolidate the information, review findings, and bring recommendations back to PSB




The working group, supported by Safer Gwent, will provide highlight and exception reports to the Board once the framework, timeline and workplan has been developed.



6.       RESOURCES


There is no additional resource / on-going officer capacity at present to undertake the review. Officers listed as part of the working group, Safer Gwent and other key stakeholders, to date, have committed their time to assist with conducting the review.



Report Authors:

Names: Sharran Lloyd (MCC)

Kate Williams (TCBC & Chair of Safer Gwent)