About Us

The Gwent Public Services Board (Gwent PSB) brings public bodies together to work to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Gwent. They are responsible, under the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, for overseeing the development of the new Local Wellbeing Plan which is a long term vision for the area.

Gwent Public Services Board has eight statutory member organisations responsible for carrying out their well-being duties under the Act.

  • Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
  • Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
  • Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • Monmouthshire County Council
  • Newport City Council
  • Torfaen County Borough Council
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

and must invite other public bodies to be part of the board to support them. The PSB can also invite other bodies who share their aims and who can help deliver the Local Wellbeing Plan. The other members of the Gwent PSB are:

  • Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO)
  • Gwent Police
  • National Probation Service
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent
  • Public Health Wales
  • Tai Calon Community Housing, representing Registered and Social Landlords
  • Torfaen Voluntary Alliance (TVA)
  • University of South Wales
  • Welsh Ministers

For further information on our purpose, aim, role and responsibilities, etc. please download our Terms of Reference.

Gwent PSB merger

The 5 Public Services Boards in Gwent dissolved in September 2021, in favour of merging to form a Gwent PSB. This followed an Audit Wales report into the effectiveness of PSBs, which recommended (amongst other things) that PSBs develop flexible models of working such as merging. The five separate PSBs in Gwent had already collaborated on a number of regional projects, for example, the provision of electric vehicle charging points and a review of public sector building assets. Merging provides a more simplified and streamlined model and closer alignment with other existing regional boards, such as the Regional Partnership Board and Safeguarding Board.

Although the separate Gwent PSBs dissolved as part of the creation of a Gwent PSB, the current Well-being Plans for each Local Authority area still run until May 2023. Local Delivery Groups within each local authority area in Gwent will ensure the continued delivery of the existing Well-Being Plans, and contribute to the well-being objectives for Gwent. The Board Champions from the former PSBs are committed to supporting the delivery of the Action Areas in their current Well-being Plans, in order to: support collaborative activity; to agree performance reports and; to support the local authority scrutiny process until 2023. Please find links to the former PSBs pages below:

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Monmouthshire PSB

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